Friday, November 30, 2012

When Love was Complicated and Furious

I am truly moved by this review of Apart From Love, written by one of my earliest readers, Angela Davis, whose poems I have been following for the last few months:

5.0 out of 5 stars incredible read!May 26, 2012
Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: Apart From Love (Paperback)
Apart From Love is an inspiring novel by an amazing woman who is a writer, poet, sculptor, painter, and more. This novel spurred me to write again, and delved into my soul in a way that no other novel has done in many years. The intensity of characters, and their interconnections with one another, will entrance the reader, and remind us of the times when love was complicated and furious, yet honest and real. The voices of the primary characters are genuine and touching, and the story will encapture even the most jaded persons. A true voice here, a brilliant search into what can be and what truly is.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

WOW! How Rewarding

How rewarding it is to get a review from a reader who is not only a truck driver who has seen most of the continental US through her work--but a writer as well! Having received an autographed copy of my poetry book Home, Cindy J. Smith, the author of Voices In My Head, has just posted her awesome review on Amazon, Goodreads and Barnes and Noble:

5.0 out of 5 stars A Father's MemoriesNovember 28, 2012
Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: Home (Paperback)
I have just finished reading Home. WOW! I could feel Uvi's father's yearning in his poems. Her love for him and her being able to finally understand is evident in the introductory poems also. I was especially moved by Muse. In this poem Uvi sees for herself that her father has now returned to his love, his mother, his muse. Such heartfelt understanding! I'm Not Sorry, by her father, shows how he has found the true things to be sorry for, not flowers picked but hearts broken. With Reparations, I was swept up in the confusion of explaining that the loss of loved ones was more important than the loss of things. Her Father's attempt to share the total loss of being Jewish in WW1. Reading When Life Becomes a Curse, I felt the pain of giving up on life. I felt the unending heartache caused by the loss of family, love and friends.
Such a moving piece of work. Thank you for taking the time to translate these moving pieces to English that I was able to enjoy them.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Marketing plan for audiobook edition of The David Chronicles

I hereby apply for a stipend for the narrator of my new trilogy, The David Chronicles, which I have just posted on ACX. It is new release, coming out on 12/13/2014 in kindle edition. The audiobook of volume II, The peek at Bathsheba, has just been released and is selling well on Audible.

Please consider awarding a stipend for the narrator. By doing so, you will help attract a dedicated, talented narrator to bring this story to life. With your investment, this audiobook will become a great success. What follows are multiple facets of my marketing plan.

Obtaining rave reviews: 

My books draw eloquent, in-depth reviews on both Amazon and Audible. Many of them are by top Amazon reviewers, such as Hall of Fame reviewer Grady Harp, Top 500 Amazon reviewer Oleg Medvedkov, Top 1000 reviewer Christoph Fischer, Top 1000 Amazon reviewer Kathy Parsons, Top 500 reviewer Dii, and many others. I am confident that The David Chronicles will receive applause as well. In its first week it received seven reviews, all five-star.

111 reviews, 4.3 rating
10 reviews, 4.5 rating
55 reviews, 4.3 rating
7 reviews, 4.9 rating
32 reviews, 4.9 rating
4 reviews, 5 rating
47 reviews, 4.7 rating
6 reviews, 5 rating
29 reviews, 4.9 rating
5 reviews, 5 rating
30 reviews, 4.8 rating
3 reviews, 5 rating

The numbers are but an indication. I invite you to check out the actual reviews and read what customers say.

Executing successful book promotions: 
    I run paid kindle promotions through major promotion sites such as BookBub, Book Gorrila, and ENT. In the past these were for FREE kindle books:

    Apart From Love was promoted on BookBub  on 06/20/2014
    Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #13 Free in Kindle Store
    32 audiobook editions were sold the next day (41 that entire month.) 

    Apart From Love was promoted on BookBub on 12/12/2013:
    Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #19 Free in Kindle Store
    20 audiobook editions were sold the next day.
    Interacting on Goodreads: 
      I have my own group on Goodreads, The Creative Spark with Uvi Poznansky. It is a vibrant community with 225 members and counting.

      In addition I have an Author page on Goodreads, which displays my latest blog posts automatically, lists my bio, my books, and animations. I have 1,120 friends on Goodreads, and about 145 fans.

      In addition I have several threads for each one of the volumes in The David Chronicles in several groups. I update these threads on a daily basis to keep readers and listeners coming back for more. Check these threads out (by clicking them):

      The Creative Spar...: The Writing Process
      THE JAMES MASON C...: New Author, New Member: Rise to Power, Twisted, Apart From Love, Home, A Favorite Son
      ROBUST: Stunning covers by Uvi Poznansky, And an article on vernacular dialog in Biblical lust!

      Just Literature: The Edge of Revolt
      Author Talk Book ...: The Edge of Revolt
      The Perks Of Bein...: The Edge of Revolt
      Romance Readers R...: The Edge of Revolt
      YA/NA FANATICS: The Edge of Revolt
      ★Five Star Series★: The Edge of Revolt
      Shut Up & Read: The Edge of Revolt
      Indian Bookworms: The Edge of Revolt
      Amazon Kindle: The Edge of Revolt
      The Book Addicts!: The Edge of Revolt
      Reading is my escape: The Edge of Revolt
      We ♥ YA Books! : The Edge of Revolt
      Book Haven: The Edge of Revolt
      Indian Readers: The Edge of Revolt

      Audio-Bibliophiles: A Peek at Bathsheba
      Audiobooks: A Peek at Bathsheba
      We ♥ YA Books! : A Peek at Bathsheba

      Interacting on my blog: 
        I maintain a highly active blog, titled Uvi Poznansky  which is the heart of my promotion campaign. I post a new post every day, offering a variety of features, discussing the process of creativity, posting excerpts from my prose and poetry, voice samples from my narrators, my paintings and sculpture, the latest book reviews, and  announcements of kindle countdown deals. Links to the post of the day are then placed in multiple places on Facebook, Google+, Goodreads, and Twitter.

        Here is the latest traffic graph for my blog, taken on November 2014. As you can see the number of page visits has been skyrocketing, which is in turn reflected by increased sales of audiobooks lately:

        Pageviews today
        Pageviews yesterday
        Pageviews last month
        Pageviews all time history                    314,358

        Interacting on Facebook: 

        In addition, I post regularly on Facebook pages that specialize in audiobooks. Here are the main ones, in order of their popularity:

        Interacting on Twitter: 
          I have a twitter account with about 12.7K followers, where I tweet several times daily about my audiobooks:

          Interacting on kboards: 
            On Kboards I have a thread for each one of the novels in The David Chronicles, which I update weekly with the latest news about the book, its reviews and excerpts from it. Check out these threads:

            In addition I post daily on this Kboard thread:

            Sharing posts on Google+: 
              I share posts on Google+ several times daily. As a result I have over 223followers and over 3,000,000 views.

              Pinning images from my blog posts on pInterest
                I pin images from my blog posts daily to my pInterest boards, and have nealy 287 followers.

                Throwing book launch parties: 
                  I throw online launch parties that draw big crowds from around the world. 

                  I will throw a party when the audiobook edition of The David Chronicles comes out in an audiobook edition.

                  Orchestrating extravaganza audiobook parties: 
                    I orchestrate online parties with a select group of popular audiobook authors. These parties draw huge crowds, creating a large pool of listeners based on combining the minions of all the authors I selected. 

                    In each event, I direct the authors to post theme-based excerpts from their books, and then, during the grand finale, each one of us chooses a few winners for the complementary editions of her audiobooks. There is always a bump in audiobook sales during these events.

                    Drawing crowds to my blog with guest interviews: 
                      I invite popular authors for interviews on my blog. This brings in a constant flow of their minions, who end up learning about my work. 

                      Here is the guest corner, check out the interviews: Guest 

                      Crafting timely themes in my book campaigns: 
                        I create theme-based campaigns for my books. These are in the spirit of the holidays and draw high traffic. Here are but a few examples:

                        Obtaining notice by well-recognized, leading audiobook bloggers: 
                          I contact audiobook reviewers and bloggers, and offer them a complementary audiobook edition. Here are some of the reviews:

                          Appearing on guest blogs to generate viral posts: 
                            To further promote my work, I often interview and write guest blogs on other blogs (always making sure they have a high google ranking.) Here is a handful of examples. Check out the number of tweets, and of Facebook likes and shares, and you will see that my guest posts often go viral:

                            The perils of biblical inspiration       249 Facebook shares  115 tweets
                            Home   214 Facebook likes 48 tweets
                            The descent into a different realm    287 Facebook likes 24 tweets
                            Interview on Intertwined Emotions 190 Facebook shares  3 tweets

                            Creating a presence on Amazon, Goodreads, and Librarything by reviewing books: 
                              I am a book reviewer on Amazon, Goodreads, and Librarything, with a sizable following, which brings more readers and listeners to follow me. Check out the Reviewer page for Uvi Poznansky on Amazon.

                              Top Reviewer Ranking:  6,653
                              Reviews:  141
                              Helpful votes received on reviews:  95%

                              Designing attractive covers: 
                                Being an artist, I design my own ebook and audiobook covers, based on my art, which gives the books a unique look. “I write with my brush, paint with my pen.” 

                                Check out my covers here:

                                Enticing listeners with voice clips: 
                                  I invite listeners to hear seminal moments from my stories, narrated by the narrators of my audiobooks. Here are but a few highlights:

                                  Presenting the narrators of my audiobooks to my audience: 
                                    I enjoy singing well-deserved praises for my narrators so the listeners become attached to them and appreciate their talent:

                                    Also, I present guest spots written by the narrators on my blog:

                                    Offering reader rewards: 
                                      I invite my readers and listeners to send me their image so I can display it in my readers slideshow. Check it out:

                                      Appearing in radio interviews: 
                                        I appear in many blog talk radio interviews, and often bring with me the voices of my narrators, which makes for a fabulous show. Most of these interviews can be found here:

                                        Generating increased interest by coming out with new audiobooks: 
                                          A Peek at Bathsheba is my sixth audiobook, coming on the heels of my previous projects (Apart From Love, A Favorite Son, TwistedHome, and Rise to Power.) 

                                          The more Audiobooks, the more Interest! As I introduce my new book, previous readers will follow me to read it, and new readers will become interested in my previous books. So with every new project, I expect that the overall interest in my work to keep rising.

                                          Writing attractive book descriptions:

                                          Here is the book description for The David Chronicles:
                                            By far, the most important aspect of The David Chronicles is the bundling of several related novels. The bundling causes readers and listeners who bought one volume to by the next one and the previous one, thus increasing the over all sales for all the volumes in the series. Therefore investing in this trilogy holds great financial promise for each one of the books in the trilogy.